Writing About Brexit: Making no-deal Brexit unlawful, part 2

EdinburghEye on Ko-FiThis was first posted on Facebook on 3rd September 2019, with support from my Ko-Fi network.

First step towards preventing No Deal Brexit – Boris Johnson lost the vote on Standing Order 24 by 27 votes, 301 to 328.

Boris Johnson announced he’d be tabling a motion for a general election – yes, he DID mean for Monday 14th October! – under the Fixed Terms Parliaments Act, ie demanding that Labour MPs vote for a general election.

Jeremy Corbyn stood up and told Boris Johnson that he’d be all for a general election but the bill – that is, the bill making No Deal Brexit unlawful – had to be passed *first*.


Update: 21 Conservative MPs voted against the government. All of them are having the Whip removed, meaning that unless they join or form another party, they sit as independent MPs.

Plus one homophobic Tory crossed the floor to join the LibDems.

The Conservative Party is now down to 288 MPs. Assuming the DUP still vote with them. Boris Johnson has 298 votes in the Commons.

Labour: 247. SNP: 35. LibDem: 16. Change UK: 5. Plaid Cymru: 4. Green: 1: adds up to 308.

Plus of course 36 Independent MPs. Including Kenneth Clarke, Tory MP since 1970, and Philip Hammond, who was a Tory minister a few weeks ago.

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