About Me

Live in Edinburgh. Two cats. Drink tea. I also have a gamer girlfriend and a stepdog (and a stepcat).

You can contact me via my Twitter account @EyeEdinburgh or via my Gmail account EdinburghEye AT Gmail dot com. I’m also on Facebook, though I don’t find that too reliable for messages.

If this blog is ever temporarily unavailable, look for updates at EdinburghEye on Tumblr.

All first-time comments are pre-modded to ensure that spambots don’t take over. Once I know you’re human, or at least sentient, or at least not a spambot (I do not judge!) you should be able to comment freely. (If a comment doesn’t show up at all, please let me know via Twitter ASAP and I’ll have a look for it in the Spam file. Akismet is great but not infallible.)

Reasoned and passionate disagreement welcome, insults and abusive language unwelcome.

I am confrontational and hold strong opinions. You probably won’t agree with all of them. You may even agree with none of them, not even about a baby platypus.

Baby platypus

(I like platypuses. They’re weird and dangerous and cute. You don’t get much better than that.)

I’m fine with you telling me how much you don’t agree with me and why, at great length with copious detail if you wish. You might even change my mind. It sometimes happens.

(Though if you’re pro-life, it is possible in the sense that it is possible that a small red cat might jump in through my office window just as I am typing this sentence. *pause* No cat. So, you’re probably out of luck.)

However: If it appears you are just leaving insults, those insults will be deleted. If you use abusive language, you may get a first warning and a second chance.

12 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi,
    I am contacting you on behalf of Indymedia Scotland, we are trying to compile a links and feeds list and would be delighted if you could furnish us with,
    Preferred name:
    E-mail address:
    Logo, (if possible):
    Thanks. John.

  2. Squeal!!!! Where can I get a baby platypus ??

  3. Awwww, the cutest platypus! I love them too!

  4. James

    Your comments on the Tuam story in the DT are very welcome. Please continue in spite of the well-known troll confronting you, a man of many names who posts for a reaction rather than reasoned discussion.

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  6. Peter Ashcroft

    Your 12/05/2014 screed ‘UKIP: Against free speech’ was fake item that was not composed by me. True UKIP stated the opposite to your screed.
    My brother came across thus item, which was against my name, and advised me of it..
    You should delete this Fake News Item at once.

    Peter Ashcroft

    • I have removed your name from the post’s tags, and noted that you’ve contacted me to affirm it wasn’t you who was in touch with the police to shut down a blogger.

  7. Enjoying your blog, Jane. This is a bit cheeky and you might think me presumptious but would you mind giving http://www.scotsee.net a glance and, if you think it’s deserving of the privilege, maybe adding it to your list of blogs?

    Many thanks. Love & best wishes CC*

  8. Kate Wolf

    You mentioned about SpamBot’s & I immediately thought but I actually quite like Spam. Btw have you noticed at the start of the Python sketch they mention a couple of options that don’t have spam on them…
    Then I remembered you kindly explaining to me that Helmans was not Mayo
    And here I am after 2 weeks of trying still failing to make myself some Mayo
    I signed up to you to get you some Kofi
    But surely there should be something similar called T??
    It was quite literally the least I could do!
    I’m so pleased you have a ‘gamer girlfriend’, dogs & cats it’s giving me https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mudita
    I hope life is treating you well
    Big BIG Hugs

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