Writing About Brexit: Proroguing Parliament

This was first posted on Facebook on 28th August 2019, and repostd here with support from my Ko-Fi network.

Boris Johnson will prorogue Parliament from the 2nd week in September – week beginning 9th September – to 14th October: Queen’s Speech 14th October.

This means that if MPs in the Remain Alliance intend to do anything short of revoking Article 50 to prevent no-deal Brexit on the 31st of October, they have to do that next week – if it’s not done by 6th September, it won’t happen.

It is still possible that if a majority of MPs vote to do it, they can order Boris Johnson to revoke Article 50 at any time.

Because a no-confidence vote under the rules of the Fixed Term Parliament Act requires a fortnight’s grace between losing a no-confidence vote and a general election, Boris Johnson has ensured that unless a no-confidence vote is held next week, he is secure as Prime Minister between 14th and 31st October – he can ensure No Deal Brexit goes ahead.

The Tories ignored 6.1 million signatories to the Revoke Article 50 petition, but still: Do Not Prorogue Parliament

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