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Iain Duncan Smith: Pest Control

As Channel 4 News publicly exposed the Universal Jobmatch site as a scammers paradise in December 2012: even easier than the old job scams offered via the JobCentre websites, this just required a scammer to register as an employer (no verification) and post job details, then harvest CV data from the jobseekers who applied.

From the Department of Work and Pensions website: Home \ Advisers and intermediaries \ Updates \ Universal Jobmatch:

Universal Jobmatch is the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) online service which is radically changing the way people look for and apply to jobs. It’s one of the biggest changes to the labour market in 27 years.

Universal Jobmatch is open to all jobseekers, regardless of whether or not they are claiming a benefit.

But if you are claiming a benefit, DWP can make you use it. Continue reading


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Universal Job Fraud

Remember the job ad for poor man’s James Bond?

I suggested in the title that the government’s jobsearch site had been hacked, and several people proposed other solutions: that the job was test data that had accidentally become public did seem the most plausible. After all, who would allow job ads to be posted that hadn’t been reviewed by someone responsible for making sure they were valid jobs, posted by a proper employer?

The Department of Works and Pensions would, that’s who.

The Universal Jobmatch website was launched on 19 Nov and is accessed via the government portal gov.uk. It replaces the Jobcentre Plus website, which was exposed by Channel 4 News as being vulnerable to fraudsters in 2011. At the time the Department of Work and Pensions told us each advert would now be “checked for legal compliance” before going live.
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