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George Clooney took Amal Alamuddin’s name? Oh please – put your torches and pitchforks away

This fight has been on permanent loop for decades – and the MRAs who fruitlessly perpetuate The Issue That Must Not Be Named are often unacceptably ignorant.

George Clooney took part in a Comic-Con panel in New York on Friday, with Tomorrowland’s director Brad Canney and writer Damon Fugeman, to showcase this new Disney sci-fi action adventure inspired by the Disneyland “futuristic ideas” land. Despite his recent marriage to a prominent human rights lawyer in Venice on 27th September, Clooney took time out from his honeymoon to tell Comic-Congoers that “Tomorrowland was “larger than most things I’ve been around” and that Iron Giant director Canney “has a real vision for what he wanted to do. It was really fun to do.”

Oh, and also, George Alamuddin, née Clooney, recent bridegroom of famous human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, has possibly changed his last name to either Clooney-Alamuddin or just straight up Alamuddin. Predictably, everyone is losing their minds.
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