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Swimming with the tide

Remember Leith Waterworld?

This was a unique facility at the foot of Leith Walk – a swimming pool with shallow areas and room to play. Edinburgh Leisure had nothing else like it. Leith Waterworld was closed in January 2012, and sold to a commercial property developer in May 2013. Nothing has been done with the site since: it’s just another greyzone area in Leith.

The decision to sell the site for a million pounds to a property developer was defended by the SNP councillor for Colinton / Fairmilehead, Richard Lewis, who is now the City culture and sport convenor, as “we had to be realistic” since a property developer will promise to develop the site as a soft-play area and generate 80 jobs [which did happen eventually…] whereas Splashback, the community campaign to re-open Leith Waterworld, was “a long punt”. (By December 2014, the main sign of that promised “substantial investment” in the area was a pile of dangerous rubbish left outside the Leith Waterworld building for over a week: the property developer, based in Glasgow, professed themselves entirely unaware of the rubbish heap.)

As I wrote in September 2012:

Leith Waterworld was a treasure: a pool designed for all children, for disabled adults, for family use. Closing it down means fewer children will be swimming regularly, learning to have confidence in the water, discovering they love to swim. It’s ironic that this should be Edinburgh’s Olympic & Paralympic memorial: closing a pool that fostered the love of swimming.

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What’s your favourite bedroom?

I’m on holiday! So today and tomorrow you are getting a couple of posts I’ve been saving up for a little while to make at an opportune moment.

I don’t know yet what the bedroom will be like at the hotel where I’m staying in Perth. Tripadvisor says the hotel is comfortable, clean, if a bit shabby. And there’s a swimming pool! My three basic requirements for a bedroom are:

  • A nice warm comfy bed. (I invested in a memory-foam hypoallergenic mattress from the Bed Shop as my post-Christmas treat to myself, and I haven’t regretted it yet.) Obviously depending on the time of year, but I like cosy quilts, and lots of pillows, and a warm blanket to hug round me.
  • A good bedside light, bright enough for reading, that I can switch off from the bed. (I cannot understand how anyone can do without this. Reading in bed is a basic human right, people!)
  • Clean. Clean bedding, clean floor, clean furnishings. I have a dust allergy. Breathing is the most important thing.

My handful of further preferences are:

  • Close door, keep intruders out!
  • A moderately quiet and reasonably dark room. I can sleep through a lot, though.
  • Someplace handy to put my specs where I won’t step on them or knock them on the floor.
  • My cats. Nuff said, right?

That said, when I’m away on holiday I often just don’t care much about the bedroom. After all, how much time am I planning to spend in it? Very little, and most of it asleep. At home, I own a lovely comfortable 1930s Scottish double, with a beautiful headboard, and my bedroom is lined with books and the corners are stacked with plastic lidded boxes of zines and stuff, but the bed itself is comfy. My cats appreciate it a lot. (First sign of you scratching that mattress, furballs, and you’re banished and this time I mean it!)

Still, I stumbled across this photolist of 30 Beautiful and Creative Bedrooms, posted by abdurrehman, on XiteFun.com, and some of them, I have to say, are really gorgeous.
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