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Murdoch, Salmond, and the Swamp of Destiny

On Tuesday 13th March David Cameron proved himself a brilliant game-player – albeit the kind that buys cheat codes.

He left the country for a state visit with Barack Obama.

Early that morning the Metropolitan Police arrested Cameron’s life-long friend Charlie Brooks and Rebekah formerly-the-CEO-of-NI Brooks and four other News International employees. By the time anyone knew about this, David Cameron was safely on a British Airways plane, mid-Atlantic.

As Fleet Street Fox notes, the convenient timing of this arrest just when David Cameron could not be ambushed with questions about his friendship with Charlie, Rebekah, and the horse, must be purely coincidental, and:

It is entirely coincidental that a public inquiry currently scrutinising relations between the police and members of the trade under examination has heard in recent days of senior coppers who have not been doing their job properly.
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Dream of a better nation

For me, independence is not the goal. I’m dubious about breaking up the Union – not least, when I contemplate splitting up the valuable community property of a marriage accumulated over four centuries – but I am drawn to the idea that an independent Scotland could become a better nation than devolution would permit.

Salmond and Murdoch

Yesterday, in the first edition of the new News of the World, there was an interesting political leak: an announcement of the date for the independence referendum, Saturday 18th October 2014. Given that Salmond had already specified the date would be “autumn 2014”, the actual day/date could have been any time between Thursday 18th September (Parliament’s summer recess ends at the beginning of September) to Saturday 22nd November (end of autumn). The consultation period is not yet over, and Salmond had no business giving Rupert Murdoch a date.
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