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Monday links roundup: timey-wimey detector

Tracked you down with this. This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there’s stuff. Also, it can boil an egg at 30 paces, whether you want it to or not, actually, so I’ve learned to stay away from hens. It’s not pretty when they blow. Doctor Who

Science-fiction remakes reality: we now look at police telephone boxes and see TARDISes. When the Doctor set the TARDIS down in London, 1963, so that his granddaughter Susan could go to an English secondary school, he set the Chamelon Circuit to “police box”. If he’d wanted Susan to go to James Gillespies High School, his TARDIS would have looked like this.

Doris Lessing on winning the Nobel Prize for Literature:

“Oh, Christ. It’s been going on now for thirty years, I can’t get more excited. I’m sure you’d like some uplifting remarks of some kind. … Look, I’ve won all the prizes in Europe, every bloody one, so I’m delighted to win them all.”

Corey Robin writes of Lavatory and Liberty: The Secret History of the Bathroom Break:

Inspired by all this libertarian talk, I dug out an old piece of mine from 2002, in the Boston Globe, that talks about a little known fact: many workers in the United States aren’t able to exercise their right to pee on the job—due to lack of government enforcement—and it wasn’t until 1998 (!) that they even got that right, thanks to the federal government. The piece pivots from there to a more general discussion about coercion in the workplace and its history.

Jo Davidson writes of Ched Evans and the rape culture that wants to blame his victim for being drunk

And then they talk of a golden future, ruined. Not hers, though; they haven’t even thought about that. It’s the rapist’s; because he’s a footballer.

Peter Maxwell’s Political & Social Musings on the manifestos for the Edinburgh local Council elections 2012

Despite my holding the current Westminster government in utter contempt, I did decide to be fair and at least skim read their local election manifesto. I feel further comment is unnecessary.

It is absolutely impossible to summarise this blog post. You just have to read the whole thing. But it is really the most cheering and wonderfully random thing I have read since the election leaflet in 2007 from the man who could levitate and heal with crystal energy and wanted our votes so that he could make us all better people. And I suspect he had hidden and possibly unsound motives, whereas the Bloggess is just benevolently awesome.

If you fancy an Edinburgh TARDIS you can buy one – set your own price, add on £100, and get your bid to Lothian and Borders Police by noon on 31st May. Or of course you could simply make up your mind you intend to buy a TARDIS, take collection on 1st June – they weigh 2 tonnes in this dimension and are bigger on the outside than they are on the inside – then use it to go back in time 24 hours and deliver your bid. That should work. I think.

People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big bowl of wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff. Blink

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