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Femina geekoides:

People seem to think that girls are genetically pre-disposed to love pink, and that to say that there’s something wrong with everything for girls being made in pink is somehow denying girls’ human rights. Well, when I was a kid, girls liked lots of different colours. Some liked pink, it’s true, but we all wore lots of different colours 1. I also think that girls played with a greater variety of toys. I was a real tomboy (I’m sure that surprises no-one), and although I did have a few dolls, I also played with Lego, Meccano, my brother’s toy cars and planes, and I made tree-houses and go-carts. I find it a bit creepy that some people seem to think that it’s perfectly normal for little girls to be obsessed with only one colour.

“I like pink, but when you just want something in a different colour, all the choice for girls is pink! So I sometimes even end up getting the boy’s ones, because I would rather have blue than pink!” – Ella, 11, on Newsround, December 2009

(Not much has changed. If you search Early Learning Centre for “toys for girls”, you find a page of pink: the “toys for boys” have a much wider ranger of colours.)
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