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Of pointless trivia: Nadine Dorries

It says something about how Nadine Dorries regards her role as MP that she feels free to head off to Australia for up to a month to record I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here.

Nadine Dorries in House of CommonsIf David Cameron succeeds in overruling Nick Clegg, boundary changes will eliminate Dorries’ present constituency, and she’s said enough to make herself unpopular with the crony power in the Tory party that she’s unlikely to be offered another.

If Dorries intends to go on campaigning for the US-style radical right-wing agenda exemplified in the UK by Christian Concern/Christian Legal Centre she will need a reason for the British press to pay attention to her. At the moment, she’s an MP: albeit a backbencher disliked by the powerful in her own party.

Appearing on I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here is a high-risk gamble.
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