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Shouting in the street

Josh WilliamsonJosh Williamson is from Brisbane, Australia: he now lives in Perth. Nothing wrong with that: Perth is nice. He’s the new pastor at the Craigie Reformed Baptist Church, induction speaker from Grace Baptist Partnership “Helping Christians Plant Churches”.

The Grace Baptist Partnership doesn’t think much of Scotland:

Those witnessing to urban Scots will be struck by the ‘No Religious Callers’ signs they see at people’s doors. The poor, living on rough housing schemes, refuse to answer. The rich live in apartments with secure entry systems. The elderly reside in care homes where matronly managers prohibit religious visits or literature. The young are predictably fearful of strangers. Many open their doors clutching a phone to their ear; too techno-connected to interface with a person. We live in an isolated society.

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Perth is nice

Perth is the one city to which anyone living on mainland Scotland can travel there and back in one day by public transport with time enough in the middle of the day to attend a conference or a forum.

(I find that Perth is technically no longer a city, because pesky people in the 1990s decided that some cities in Scotland didn’t merit the word “city” even if they’d been referred to as cities since time out of mind. Bah, humbug.)

So although I’d been there several times before, I’d never really spent time there. It was a good place to go for a short break.
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