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Phone bills

When I signed up to O2, one of the extra no-charge services I agreed to (why they got my email address) was that they’d let me know by email if I was exceeding my usual monthly bill.

I got an email like that from them on 29 November (my bill was due on 2nd December). I had exceeded my usual phone costs by over £70.

My phone plan gives me two hundred minutes a month free. Normally, I stay inside that ration quite easily. This month I’d finished my free minutes about half-way through a phone call on 22nd November, and thereafter, every phone call had been charged at a rate of £4 per fifteen minutes. For one particularly long phone call I’d made on Sunday 23rd November, it would actually have been cheaper to pay for a taxi over to see Kreetch in person.

I’d agreed to sign up for an email to warn me that I was exceeding my monthly bill because I didn’t want to get accidentally smacked with a hundred-pound-plus phone bill. It would have been better/cheaper for me (and less profitable for O2) if they’d warned me I was exceeding my usual phone bill after I’d made that long call on Sunday – and better yet if I’d got the warning email as soon as I went over my free minutes. (The long call would, by itself, have doubled my usual bill: but apparently O2 didn’t trigger the promised email until I’d quadrupled my usual bill.)
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Orange Sucks

I have a new phone. Let me tell you the story.

I’d been trying to spend some part of my £35 Phone Fund with Orange to get myself a new phone for some time. I don’t buy new mobile phones in high street shops, because if you buy a phone in the shop they will activate it for you immediately and this means you cannot return it if it turns out that out of the box it’s not what you wanted. But if you order a phone and it’s delivered by post, you have a statutory right to return goods within 10 days for a full refund if not satisfied.

So I wanted to buy my phone via their website shop. There was not a clue how to do with Phone Fund though. There was no information about that on the www.orange.co.uk website – The Chat window that kept popping up obscuring perfectly useful bits of website, turned out to be a service they offered strictly to non-Orange customers – they weren’t interested in Chatting with you if you already had an Orange phone and knew how evil they are. The autobot responsible for answering customer emails didn’t know how to use Phone Fund. The sales assistants in my local Orange shop had no idea unless I wanted to buy a phone there and then, which I didn’t (see above for statutory rights, and the shop didn’t have the phone I wanted, anyway). Finally I gave in, resigned myself to an annoying sales talk, Continue reading

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