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Cheap food at Tesco’s

Recently, there was a kerfuffle in the Better Together / Yes Scotland camps about would prices rise at Tesco in the event of Scottish independence. Better Together had published a leaflet saying they would: Tesco’s bounced in to say prices would stay the same: Yes Scotland publicised this triumphantly.

How do prices stay cheap in the big supermarkets while maximising their profits?
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Sustainable Edinburgh 2020

I was reminded by the Friends of the Earth Scotland (FOES) that the Sustainable Edinburgh 2020 consultation was still open (deadline 16th September). Here were my replies:

What do you think are the three most important priority actions needed for the sustainable development of Edinburgh?

My replies were:

  • Transport – e.g. pedestrian and cycle paths; low carbon public transport
  • Food/consumer products – e.g. local products; reduce food miles
  • Renewable energy – e.g. invest in renewable technologies: wind and solar power; biomass

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