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Things I love about America, right now. Click Obama, get Romney - is this to be the iconic image of Election 2012?

Your singers.

(Some of them are dead.)

So You’re Staying Up To Watch The US Election.

Of course, we may not know the results til next October. Or not for years. (Jill Stein will not win, but if Obama loses, is as likely to be blamed for Romney’s “victory” as Ralph Nader was blamed for George W. Bush’s “win”.)

It might be President Obama’s biggest broken promise: closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

But it might be former President Obama’s biggest regret: not cleaning up US elections in 2009.
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Ten years ago, I owned 5 CDs

I am not kidding or exaggerating. I never thought of myself as a very music-orientated person. There were singers and bands I’d liked when I was the age to listen to TOTP, and when I bought a DVD player cheap to make my new home in a strange city a little bit more welcoming, I went down to HMV, looked along the shelves, and bought five names I recognised.

A previous campaign by the British Phonography industry

Two or three years later, I had gradually acquired about five more.

And then I discovered you could listen to music online.

And now I’m really not sure how many CDs I have. Lots.
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