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The British police are the best in the world…

Norman Bettison resigned yesterday and Mervyn Barrett withdrew from campaigning to be Police Commissioner of Lincolnshire.

Norman Bettison received the Queen’s Police Medal in the Birthday Honours 2000: he was knighted in 2006. He was appointed Assistant Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police in 1993, he became Chief Constable of Merseyside Police in 1998, he retired from the police in January 2005 to become the CEO of Centrex, which was

“responsible for overseeing the design and delivery of probationer training, investigators training and other key areas. Centrex was also responsible for evaluating police training to see if it actually works. Centrex also set the national police promotion exams, probationer development tests and advised on the assessment of recruits.” (Wikipedia)

Norman Bettison moved on from Centrex in January 2007 to become what he was until yesterday: Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police. He resigned, saying an inquiry into his actions after the Hillsborough disaster was “a distraction” to the force. I’m sure that hoping to save his pension was in no way concerned.
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