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Linda Nakibuka came to the UK as a student and for refuge. In Uganda, she was sexually harassed, attacked and beaten by people who think sexual orientation can be taught or transmitted like an illness: who may think a lesbian can be “cured” by being raped; and who believe homosexuality is a sin.

Rev Simon Lokodo, the minister in charge of Ethics and Integrity in Uganda, said last week that

“These people are disruptive; they are promoting a negative culture contrary to the laws of this country. They are promoting homosexuality and lesbianism as an acceptable culture, and this is ruining our lives. This is not going to stop. We will support the [Anti-Homosexuality Bill]. There is now sufficient evidence to move against these evil people. We’ll punish them with a deterrent punishment. We are looking for a day when this law is going to take shape.”

Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda. Continue reading

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