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Charles Kennedy, 1959 – 2015

Charles Kennedy, 2009Charles Kennedy’s post-election statement:

“I am very fond of political history. Tonight, if nothing else, we can all reflect on and perhaps tell our grandchildren that we were there on ‘The night of long sgian dubhs!'”

On 9th June 1983 Charles Kennedy became the Baby of the House – the youngest MP to be elected, and at the age of 23, he was the youngest MP at the time of his election from 1958 to 2015.
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Leaders debates: BBC bias

Four white men in suitsThe BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4 will be holding three four debates before the general election in May 2015.

One of them, reasonably enough, will be a head-to-head between David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

Another two, also reasonably enough, will include besides the Conservative Prime Minister and the leader of the Labour Party (still predicted to be Labour Prime Minister by a narrow majority), the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the LibDems, Nick Clegg – even though the LibDems appear likely to see their 57 seats drop to 18 after 7th May 2015.

The fourth debate will privilege a minor party above the SNP and the Greens: Nigel Farage, who is not an MP, whose party is still predicted to have no MPs after 7th May 2015, will get to take part in a four-way debate with Cameron, Miliband, and Clegg.
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Nick Clegg tells Lib Dems: Drive dangerously!

Nick Clegg to the Liberal Democrats at their spring conference today:

“So let’s tear off that rear-view mirror and look straight ahead.”

No, really, apparently he actually said that.

Avoiding MOT Failure: Windscreen & Mirrors

Rear view mirrors must be secure and intact. All rear view mirrors must be adjustable. There must be at least ONE rear view mirror.
Mirrors must show a clear view of the rear view. The MOT tester will use your rear view mirrors to check the operation of the rear lights during the test.

What Nick Clegg is telling the LibDems is that they have to become hit-and-run drivers.

“We have to look forwards, to the better future that we are building for our children.”

No looking back. Tear off that inconvenient rear-view mirror in which you might see the bodies of your victims. Drive on. Look forwards only.

Coming up in back of you, looming dangerously close, you might see the huge Electoral Wipeout vehicle with the GE2015 numberplate, but Nick Clegg would rather you didn’t look at that either.

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