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Privatisation by surplus?

At the end of January, it was reported that Edinburgh Council had managed by good financial management and totally not as a pre-election ploy for May, that they’d spend £2m on pothole repairs, a “spring clean” of Edinburgh’s dirtiest streets, some kind of tramwork measures, even new bus shelters, cycle parking, and road safety initiatives.

Councillor Robert Aldridge said:

“The Edinburgh Spring Clean will give us the opportunity to target some problem hot spots with extra trained staff drafted in on a temporary basis, through an existing contract. This money has been made available through careful financial management and will ensure that Leith and city centre residents, visitors and businesses will notice a real improvement quite quickly.”

Aldridge was one of the Lib Dem group on the council who were defeated on what they called the “Alternative Business Model”, what everyone else calls privatisation. (Bill Ness, who was involved in developing the “alternative business model”, was suspended at the end of 2011 for other reasons and has since left his post.)

What Aldridge means by “extra trained staff drafted in on a temporary basis” is privatisation Continue reading


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EdEqualElect: Leith Ward

Leith Ward (3 councillors)

7 candidates standing.

Winners last time: SNP (Rob Munn) in the first round. Liberal Democrats (Marjorie Thomas) in the fifth round after Scottish Socialist, Liberal, and Conservative eliminated. Labour (Gordon Munro) in the seventh round after the second Labour candidate was eliminated.

The incumbents standing are Rob Munn, Gordon Munro, and Marjorie Thomas.

The only women standing are Marjorie Thomas (Liberal Democrats) and Nicola Ross (Conservatives)

Edinburgh Reporter on Marjorie Thomas
Edinburgh Reporter on Nicola Ross (@nicolaaross)

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