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Tories play the victim

This is Paul Baverstock of MHP Communications writing in the Financial Times today on the specific topic of a company which has had an information security breach, compromising customer personal and financial details. His advice is solid and sound for all kinds of problems. Customers have a right to expect a company which has let them down

  • to be contrite and transparent, not defensive or evasive
  • to give clear and sincere responses, rather than formulaic or legalistic
  • information provided should be consistent
  • give timelines for the progress you’re making to remedy the situation.
  • above all, “don’t play the victim”

He quotes a spokeswoman from Visa, the credit card company:

Instead, companies should ensure their response passes the “kitchen table test”, says Ms Whenman. “My advice to clients is always to ask: ‘Will the information we’re providing make sense to the customer sitting at their kitchen table? Will our actions and decisions seem reasonable to them? Does our response answer the questions they’ll be asking themselves?”

I’m obliged to John Prescott for retweeting this response from John Olsen, who is MD and Head of Engineering & Industrials at MHP Communications, but notes “Views my own.”

Nearly two years after Tories and LibDems lost the election and went into coalition to run the country, George Osborne has had a free hand Continue reading


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