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If any of you are still Andrew, we can cure you

In 1963, Arthur C. Clarke wrote a story, titled “Reunion”, which has been anthologised and remembered for nearly fifty years because of its punchline. It is, in structure, simply a shaggy-dog story. The narrator is an alien voice speaking to the humanity of Earth, advising us that we are a long-lost colony abandoned millennia ago because of a harmless but disfiguring genetic disease that had begun to spread through the population. But, the narrator tells us

“People of Earth, you can rejoin galactic society without shame, without stigma. If any of you are still white, we can cure you.”

Exgay poster - harmful and misleading advert

Several people seemed to think the only problem with the exgay ad that Anglican Mainstream and CORE proposed to run on London buses was that “liberals” would disagree with it: and objected strongly when Boris Johnson stepped in to ban it, though for some it was undoubtedly more of a problem that Boris Johnson had banned the ads than that the ads had been banned: Continue reading


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