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WWI: Pourparlers – parley?

On Saturday 11th July 1914, Frederic d’Apchier le Maugin, the French Consul-General at Budapest, wrote to René Viviani, President of the Council and Minister for Foreign Affairs:

Questioned in the Chamber on the state of the Austro-Servian question M. Tisza [Count Istvan Tisza de Boros-Jeno] explained that before everything else it was necessary to wait for the result of the judicial inquiry, as to which he refused at the moment to make any disclosure whatsoever. And the Chamber has given its full approval to this. He also showed himself equally discreet as to the decisions taken at the meeting of Ministers at Vienna, and did not give any indication whether the project of a démarche at Belgrade, with which all the papers of both hemispheres are full, would be followed up. The Chamber assented without hesitation.
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