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Rape on Ebay

The company that produces “Keep Calm And Hit Her” t-shirts that were available on Amazon til this morning claims they were computer-generated, are not actually for sale, and have now been removed.

The vendor who sells these has been on Ebay since 2003, runs an online shop, and has 100% positive feedback.

Tshirt for sale on ebay
“You say I never lift a finger to help around the house. Well, here it is, baby.”
For sale here.
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Selling the Torch

The head Olympics entrepreneur, Seb Coe, said that the official Games motto for this year’s Olympics should be “Inspire a generation!”

We’ve seen what that meant for the Woolsack knitters.

The Olympic Torch officially reached the UK today, and 8000 fundraisers will carry it in a relay up and down the country.

While described on the Olympics site as:

8,000 inspirational people will carry the Olympic Flame as it journeys across the UK. Nominated by someone they know, it will be their moment to shine, inspiring millions of people watching in their community, in the UK and worldwide.

in fact the London Olympics had one thing in mind: raising £1,729,000 from the sale of the torches. The “inspirational people” can buy the torch they carry for £215 and the stand to display it for £39.

Note: Ebay sale cancelled at 18:49:19 19th May

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