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General Election 2015

As I write, the SNP membership has increased by 63% to be the UK’s third party by size. (The LibDems, whose membership has fallen by a third since May 2010, have 43,451 members: the SNP now have 62,870.)

The Scottish Green membership quintupled in a week, from 1,200 to nearly six thousand.

The most likely result of the May 2015 general election is still a Labour majority or Labour as the largest single party.
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Dear Unionist Politicians, Stop Messing Us About

As we begin the 14 weeks serious thinking / talking about the #indyref consultation (your replies in by 11th May) there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty:

Before all this stushie started, before David Cameron jumped in with both feet and Ed Miliband for some reason decided to join him, before Douglas Alexander was a vile little bully to Nicola Sturgeon, before the Unionists of Westminster and their tabloid bedfellows started spreading stories about how Scotland just would not be able to survive without piggybacking on England, before the leaders of the parties at Westminster started to complain that they didn’t see why the Scottish referendum should be run from Holyrood, before the faked-up story about Spain veto’ing Scotland’s EU membership, before, in short, Westminster decided it just had to mix in to what should be a Scottish discussion –

I was going to vote No to independence.

I’m not an SNP voter. I like devolution. I think it’s great we have the Scottish Parliament back. I believe that given we have a Union that’s lasted four hundred years it’s a shame to break it up over a bit of Toryism. I don’t trust Salmond.


It’s late, I’m tired, I’m cross. What can I say: the thing that makes me most cross about your silly antics, your arrogant presumption that the democratic mandate means nothing, your failure to inform yourself of how Scottish legislation is written (it involves HUGE amounts of consultation, guys, HUGE) and your constant wearying boring simplifying trying to portray this as a High Noon standoff between Alex Salmond and David Cameron, oh and that you think fit to lecture the Scots on how we should do things without ever bothering to do a little bit of research and find out HOW we do things ALREADY, and omg, comparing Salmond to Mugabe, I don’t like Alex Salmond but that is just ridiculous – Guys, white English millionaire dudes, the thing that makes me most mad at you –

You’ve very badly made me want to vote Yes to independence just to get shut of you idiots.

And I do not want to have my vote on such an important issue motivated by such an essentially trivial expression of rage at a prating parcel of absolute ignorance. I really don’t.

So please. With all due respect. With anything you damn well please. Is it too much to ask? We’ve got 14 weeks now to respond to this consultation, it’s open to each of you to respond to it too if you feel like it, would you all please just SHUT UP? We’ve got serious business to do here.

Stop messing us about.


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