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Art by food

If you ever wanted your lunch to look too good to eat, bento.

Bento box landscape and Starbucks green rice
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Atheist Easter Links

And two hours later, after I had bought a latte and a croissant at Relish:

As an atheist, I suppose I ought to have made this post on the vernal equinox. But who’s thinking about chocolate eggs then?

Cadbury's Creme Eggs
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The all-night bakery

Years ago, if you were coming home after midnight and the chip shops had shut, there was an all-night bakery lurking behind where Scayles Music Shop is now. The door might be standing open to let the cool air in, or you could just knock: the room you saw was stacked full of baked goods and the ovens were still running – the air was full of the wonderful smell of freshly-baked bread and cake – and they’d sell you literally anything you could think to ask for, brown-bagged, though most people were looking for something to eat right now.

The paving stones outside the all-night bakery on St Patrick’s Square had been pigeon-pecked for the dropped crumbs – there were holes worn in the stone by the pigeon-beaks.

Though I no longer live on the south side of Edinburgh, and so would never likely be walking home late at night past that bakery, I still regret its going.
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