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Writing About Brexit: Can the PM Prorogue Parliament On A Whim?

EdinburghEye on Ko-FiThis was first posted on Facebook on 18th September 2019, with support from my Ko-Fi network.

I’m not a lawyer.

I am fascinated by the UK’s uncodified constitution, which it seems entirely possible is going to be added to by the ruling of the Supreme Court from their hearing this week on proroguing Parliament.

If I were not working when the court is sitting, I would undoubtedly be annoying Marie on a regular basis by watching the Supreme Court hearing’s livestream.

The UK’s constitution with regard to Parliamentary sessions as of last week, was that the Prime Minister can prorogue Parliament any time the PM wants by having the Queen advised that Parliament is to be prorogued and the Queen’s Speech opening the next session of Parliament will take place on such-and-such a date.
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