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Hustings for an equal council

Tomorrow (18th April) is your very last day to get registered to vote in the council elections on 3rd May. You’ve got till 5pm.

There were two hustings tomorrow. But the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce “Business Hustings” with all the party leaders on 18th April has been cancelled. (Contact them for information.) The other hustings, hosted by the Federation of Small Businesses and the Evening News, has all male candidates the panellists are: Jeremy Balfour (Conservative), Tom Buchanan (SNP), Andrew Burns (Labour), Tim McKay (Lib. Dem), and Chas Booth (Scottish Green Party). It’s in Bread Street from 6pm and may require a ticket for admission.

On Thursday 19th April there are four hustings:
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EdEqualElect: City Centre Ward

City Centre Ward (3 councillors)

6 candidates standing.

This is the only ward where there are more women standing than council seats for the ward.

Winners last time: Liberal Democrats (Charles C Dundas) in the fifth round, after Liberal, Scottish Socialist, and Scottish Green were eliminated. SNP (David Beckett) in the 6th round, and Conservative (Joanna Mowat) in the eighth round after Labour was eliminated. David Beckett resigned and Alasdair Rankin held the seat (just) for the SNP in 2011.

The incumbents standing are Joanna Mowat and Alasdair Rankin.

The four women standing are Joanna Mowat (Conservative), Karen Doran (Labour), Julita Mazurek (Scottish Green), and Karen Michelle Hetherington (Liberal Party in Scotland).

Karen DoranAugust 2011

Edinburgh Reporter on Karen Doran
Edinburgh Reporter on Karen Michelle Hetherington
Edinburgh Reporter on Julita Mazurek
Edinburgh Reporter on Joanna Mowat

The Broughton Spurtle will host two hustings this year on 19 April for Leith Walk Ward and 25 April for City Centre Ward at Broughton St Marys Parish Church, 12-13 Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 6NE (Edinburgh Reporter)

Joanna Mowat (Conservative), and Alasdair Rankin (SNP) and Iain Coleman (LibDems) are also taking part in the Edinburgh’s Active Citizenship Group will host a hustings on 7-9pm at Riddles Court, 332 Lawnmarket.

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