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Cheese and whine

The Official Twitter account of Président Cheese is @PresidentCheese. They’ve been on Twitter since 21st March, and in two months they’ve managed to acquire 125 followers.

Discover inspiration, celebrate creativity, reimagine recipes, and fall in love with the art of cheese.

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Pear and blue cheese scones

As @LoveandGarbage wisely said:

Like many people during the referendum campaign when I am confronted by someone asking for my view on the great issue of the day I say, “It’s pronounced scone” and wander off in the opposite direction. However, it appears that this view is controversial with many campaigners arguing that I should not be in favour of “scone” but should prefer the pronunciation “scone” instead.

Pear and blue cheese scones

Ingredients: about 150g of soft blue cheese, about a cup of self-raising wholemeal flour, an egg, and a large brown Conference pear.

Quarter the pear and remove the core. (I didn’t peel it: in my general experience the peel of a soft ripe pear isn’t noticeable in baked goods.)

Work together the cheese and the flour to make soft crumbs.
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