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Using TripAdvisor: Uig

Breakfast and dinner was far above average – salmon with the best hollandaise sauce I’ve ever tasted and beautiful, fresh, local vegetables. However, at $65Cdn, not worth it. We thought, at least, the dinner price might include a glass of wine; especially when we entered the dining room and saw quite a selection. We were quickly told the price of the bottles and that we were welcome to them, if only we added the price to our bill. The dining room decor was distateful to us – filled with war memorabilia. As far as dining, if you stay here, you are pretty restricted to eating here, as it is very isolated: thus, the exorbidant price.

TripAdvisor, if you’ve not found it already, is a handy reviews website for checking out hotels, guest houses – and restaurants – before you book, based on the actual experience of previous guests.

When I was visiting Perth earlier in the year with a friend, wanting to find somewhere for lunch, I cross-referenced the international guide to vegan/vegetarian eating, The Happy Cow, with restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor, and we had a fantastic lunch in Tabla. When I was writing about the Maldives I found I could track the changes in tourist experience from genuine TripAdvisor reviews (and also, realised that there was an increasing number of reviewers who’d left just one review and who had uniformly reported that everything was excellent: the fake reviews problem exists on TripAdvisor as elsewhere).

Like most people, I check out the Terrible reviews first. It’s a good sign when they occur years apart and when the hotel manager has responded to identifiable problems in the review. (“I’m really sorry there were aliens under the bed. We have exterminated them all and guarantee the problem will not recur.”)
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