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Johann Hari has quit the Independent

According to an exclusive interview:

I was stunned by his honesty. “But what will you do next Johann? How will we cope without your excoriating honesty at the heart of the British commentariat?” He blushed. “I’ve started working on a book on a subject I believe is important and requires urgent action,” he said waving what looked like someone else’s book entirely. “Isn’t that by Noam Chomsky?”, I asked.

He seemed to ignore me, caught up in his own thoughts. “To do this properly needs international travel and the kind of in depth focus that’s not possible when you’re writing a heavily researched column at the same time.” “Oh did you do those?” I asked politely. His look hardened but he ploughed on: “I’ll be writing occasional articles elsewhere but I’ll be mainly delving deeply into one subject for now.” What could it be I wondered?

Oddly enough, comments are closed at his blog. The Twitterverse has exploded in discussion: what can this “one subject” be, this heart-breaking work of staggering genius. Here’s a sample page: Continue reading

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