Labour Leadership Election: Transphobia

EdinburghEye on Ko-FiThis was first posted on Facebook on nth month 2020, with support from my Ko-Fi network.
Emily Thornberry is off the ballot: Labour Party members and affiliated supporters will be voting for Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy, or Keir Starmer, to be the Leader of the Opposition from April.

I don’t know what the right-wing will decide to demonise Keir Starmer over, but they will undoubtedly find something with which to do so.

But it’s clear at this point that the “thing” for which Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy will be demonised (I expect Nandy to also get it in the neck for not being white, too) is their natural feminist/left-wing activist support for trans equality.

The right-wing media will cheerfully and without regard for their own hypocrisy attack Long-Bailey and Nandy (and the Labour Party as a whole) as indifferent to the needs and concerns of women, because they have made publicly clear that when anti-trans activists are on the attack, they stand with us LGBT people – with feminists, trans women, and allies.

I see this coming: I wish I didn’t. Jeremy Corbyn was “anti-Semitic”: Long-Bailey and Nandy will be “anti-women”, and the pundit-led attack on the Labour Party for having a problem with anti-Semitism will turn without shame or pause to the Labour Party having a “problem with women”.

I wish I didn’t, because I don’t think people should support Keir Starmer because of this – just because we know how Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy will be attacked and demonised, doesn’t mean that Keir Starmer will be exempt: he won’t.

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