Writing About Brexit: Things we know about Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson in front of a Take Back Control posterA list.

1. His full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, and his friends call him “Al”. “Boris”, “Boris Johnson”, and “BoJo”, are all tags for his public persona.

2. Al has been married twice, has five or six children with one wife and one or two extramarital affairs, and there are domestic violence concerns about his relationship with his current girlfriend.

3. Al conspired with a friend, Darius Guppy, to give contact information for a journalist, Stuart Collier, so that Guppy could hire someone to beat up the journalist.

4. Boris Johnson is lazy: everyone who has worked with him in any capacity reports that he’s intelligent but indolent.

5. Boris Johnson is dishonest: he campaigned for PM by meeting with each Tory MP individually and telling them exactly what he thought would get them to vote for him.

6. Boris Johnson is popular with Conservative Party members, at least 93,000 of them.

7. While campaigning since 2016 as a Leave politician, Boris Johnson is not a Eurosceptic: he invented a lot of the damaging fake news about the EU when he was a Brussels journalist, but he never showed any indication of wanting the UK to leave the EU until he thought it would be a means of ousting David Cameron and becoming Prime Minister.

8. Boris Johnson wanted to be Prime Minister, and now he is.

9. Al appears very confident that any attack – true or false -will roll off the Teflon persona of Boris Johnson, amiable buffoon.

We cannot know what Boris Johnson will do as PM. We can’t assume he’ll do what he says he’ll do. Really, what we know is summarised in the list above: Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson may do anything, and he will assume that whatever he does, Boris Johnson will get away with it.

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