Women’s March in Edinburgh

General Leia Organa - A woman's place is in the ResistanceFor Donald Trump to be elected President by the electoral college – losing the popular vote by a margin wider than any in over a century – is grotesque in many ways, not least that enough American voters in enough states wanted a grossly-unqualified man to be their President instead of a highly-qualified woman.

Donald Trump’s most profitable venture as a “businessman” was a fraud for which he was due to appear in court on 29th November; when he was declared winner, he hastily paid a $25M settlement. Donald Trump’s businesses have gone bankrupt six times, he’s failed to pay his subcontractors, may well be massively in debt, and was in breach of the Constitution that he swore to uphold yesterday even before he put his hand on his mother’s Bible.

Donald Trump is a successful reality TV show host. He knew what would play well with his audiences at his rallies, and whatever they wanted to hear, he said it: and they voted for him in enough numbers to make him President.

Women gather in EdinburghToday, millions of women – and some men too – marched in support of women’s rights and against Donald Trump. More people came to D.C. for the Women March On Washington than attended Donald Trump’s inauguration – four or five times more.

Donald Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence are a threat to women’s rights. If Mike Pence had his way, he would make abortion illegal throughout the US and ban contraception too: he is the kind of White American Christian for whom opposing abortion has been the key moral value at least since 1980, and who’s been arguing that contraception is a form of abortion for a decade or more.

Healthcare is a right not a privilegeMike Pence is the greater threat to denying women human rights and healthcare: Trump’s devotion to the prolife cause seems to be about as sincere as his claim to respect women.

All of this – Trump’s inexperience, his incompetence, his dishonesty – these are reasons for anyone regardless of gender to oppose Trump as President. Trump’s a bully. Trump’s already been using the office of the Presidency to profit the Trump Organization, which he has declined to divest himself of. The president of Russia quite probably has blackmail material on Trump. All of this is bad, and it’s bad for everyone.

Trump brags of sexual assaultBut there’s a particularly visceral reason for women to stand up and say no to President Trump.

Trump is a sexual predator. He bragged of sexually assaulting women. He bragged of how when he was running the Miss Teen Universe contest he would walk into the contestants’ changing-room, and walk around, while the girls were naked or half-naked, ogling their bodies. He described this as the “funniest”.

“I’ll tell you the funniest is that I’ll go backstage before a show and everyone’s getting dressed,” Trump told Howard Stern in a 2005 recording released by CNN. “No men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in, because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it. … ‘Is everyone OK?’ You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody OK?’ And you see these incredible-looking women, and so I sort of get away with things like that.”

Grab our pussies and we'll break your tiny little handsTrump gloating over his “right” to perve over naked teenage girls because he owns the pageant they’re appearing in, is confirmed by multiple participants in the Miss Teen Universe contest.

There were enough men, and women, in the US, who knew that Trump was the kind of man who brags of sexually assaulting women, who knew that Trump was the kind of man who thinks it his “right” to perve over naked teenage girls, and who thought: That’s the man I want for President. I want a sexual predator, a bully, a creep, a grown man who shouldn’t be trusted anywhere near teenage girls: that’s who I want to represent my country at the highest levels of government.

Pusilanimous Pussy-grabberThat’s Donald Trump. That’s who they voted for. Not a majority of US voters, but enough to win him the electoral college and the Presidency.

That’s the gut reason, I think, millions of women from across the US, and in sister marches around the world, stood up today and said No.

There are a lot of other reasons to oppose Donald Trump. But the creepy unreality of electing a man who is an unashamed serial sexual predator to be President of the United States: that’s a big one.

He’s even more repulsive than we thought he was when he was throwing his weight about in Scotland trying to bully small-scale farmers into selling him their land and trying to bully the Scottish Government out of having a windfarm offshore from his golf course.

Dump TrumpWe didn’t like him four years ago when he was just another ugly American bragging of his Scottish ancestry and kicking up tantrums when his wealth didn’t buy him the respect he thought he deserved.

We don’t like him now.

Two thousand women – maybe more – came to the US Consulate on Saturday 21st January in Edinburgh. There were speakers from the Scottish Greens and the Women’s Equality Party and Engender. On Friday night, as Trump became President, hundreds gathered to witness to our opposition. The Edinburgh Sisters of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence excommunicated him.

We don’t like you, Donald.

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