Personal: no connection with WWI

I mentioned on 27th June that blogging would be light in July, and this is why:

Bastille DayI got married today.

I’m not much of a romantic, I’m not much for getting soppy, I used to say I can’t imagine a lifetime commitment. (I say marriage, but of course until the law changes and lifts the ban in Scotland, we’re registering a civil partnership: once the law is changed we’ll download the special upgrade.)

I don’t feel either soppy or romantic about this: I met the one person in the world I can’t imagine being without, and today, she did me the honour and the privilege of joining her life with mine. We’re partners and friends: we pledged today before family and friends and the registrar for Leith:

I choose you above all others to share my life. I promise to honour this pledge as long as I live.

War blogging continues tomorrow.


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4 responses to “Personal: no connection with WWI

  1. Every happiness to you both

  2. How lovely – congratulations!

  3. Elizabeth Lawrence

    Congratulations, and best wishes to you both and your new family of cats and dogs!

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