Personal: July blogging

I’ve news – good or bad?

Awhile ago, I decided that for personal reasons, I was going to have to make July 2014 a light blogging month. Mostly for personal reasons, which I’m sorry not to be able to share with you.

Going on: this blog has now been running for over seven hundred posts since I launched on 11th August 2011. Even now it doesn’t seem real to me, that I’ve been doing this for nearly three years. Three years, 700+ blogposts, over 333,000 views, 2400 followers on Twitter, 260 followers on WordPress, 20 on tumblr (*waves hi! to all of you*) and over 10,000 visitors this month alone – you are all fantastic, seriously, thank you (well, aside from the ones who show up to swear at me, maybe…). This is a time to think about what I’ll be doing next with this blog. It’s also a time to think about how to keep this blog alive during the July interim. Never done any history blogging here – but why not? Got a major series of hundredth anniversaries starting tomorrow.

Major and serious: tomorrow, it’s a hundred years since the event that kicked off World War I, the so-called Great War. As a means of carrying on the blog for the rest of June and July (I may add blogposts now and then if I’ve time, but I’m honestly not expecting to have the time) I’m going to blog the events of a hundred years ago. Really, this is no more than a means of keeping this site live, but I hope you find it interesting. Reading the news of a hundred years ago may seem a waste of time today: but the mistakes politicians made then, they are still more than capable of making now. Even so, I know this is not very original, and I doubt it will be unique. Dear readers: I’ll try not to bore you.

I tried to find interesting material, interesting links, events you might not have heard of. Nevertheless, I’m open to changing this.

Just let me know in comments if you’d rather I stopped. Understandable. Let’s be honest: this is a long-term relationship we’ve had, and I don’t want to bore you. You are my readers, and I want to keep this blog going.

Europe, 2014

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