Hieroglyph in White

This is what Egyptians looked like three thousand years ago:

Here we see a depiction of a well-to- do Egyptian family and the clothes they wore. The family was from of Thebes during the 20th Dynasty (1184-1078 BC) according Ikram-Dodson

This is what Egyptians look like today:

Egyptians Arab Spring

This is what Egyptians look like in Hieroglyph, Fox’s action-adventure series set in Egypt, dynasty unspecified:

Egyptians Hieroglyph

Why yes, most of them are white and as far as I can tell, none of them are ethnically Egyptian / Arab.

Although Nefertari Kanakht, the Pharaoh’s half-sister (no relation to the more famous Nefertari…?) is played by Condola Rashād, she’s not an Arab-American: her father was born Robert Earl Moore and changed his name to Ahmad Rashād when he converted to Islam in 1972. The Pharaoh, Shai Kanakht, is played by Reece Ritchie, and there is a character called Odion who is played by Erick Avari. Aside from those three…? (Kelsey Chow and Antony Bunsee play Egyptians called Lotus Tenry and Rawser, apparently. Um.)

According to the 2010 US Census, there are 1,697,570 Arab Americans in the United States, but apparently none of them can act…?

From Racebending.com:

the term “racebending” refers to situations where a media content creator (movie studio, publisher, etc.) has changed the race or ethnicity of a character. This is a longstanding Hollywood practice that has been historically used to discriminate against people of color.


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3 responses to “Hieroglyph in White

  1. Ye (Egyptian) Gods, it’s hard to believe it’s 2014 sometimes…

    (Just as a small corrective; I can’t find any link between this show and HBO. The show’s official site says its produced by FOX.)

  2. It’s interesting to have those two pictures next to each other but thousands years apart

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