Cheese and whine

The Official Twitter account of Président Cheese is @PresidentCheese. They’ve been on Twitter since 21st March, and in two months they’ve managed to acquire 125 followers.

Discover inspiration, celebrate creativity, reimagine recipes, and fall in love with the art of cheese.

Perhaps that’s because, according to BusinessInsider, this tweet took 45 days for their social media agency Huge to plan and presumably others take an equivalent length of time:

President CheeseBuilding up followers on a Twitter account isn’t difficult. You tweet interesting stuff, you follow interesting people, you retweet interesting stuff they follow. For a business or a charity, it should all be relevant to their main aim and purpose.

There are a host of tools that are designed to help keep a twitter account active and interactive without excessive use of time: I don’t use them for @EyeEdinburgh because I like to keep that organic and personal and friendly, making enemies and friends all by myself, but I do use them for twitter accounts I manage professionally.

How Huge writes a tweet:

Shortly after, Lindsay met with a copywriter and graphic designer to brainstorm tweet ideas for the next month. It was then that the copywriter suggested a tweet centered around the idea that Camembert, a French cheese popular during the spring, was best served at room temperature.

The copywriter and designer met the next week to create the image for the tweet, which was then pitched at a team meeting alongside other posts for April. The team meeting includes Lindsay, the copywriter and designer team, and between 10 and 20 of Huge’s strategists who work on President Cheese advertising.

Then it’s on to an internal review process, where senior copywriters and strategists sign off on the work over the course of the following week. The post was then sent to President Cheese and, some 45 days after conception, published on the internet for the world to see.

…and if after two months your social media manager has only managed to get you 125 followers and takes two months to plan and design each tweet, you should probably hire someone else.

Because at 125 followers, it would be cheaper to just send them all free samples of cheese.

Then again, it’s possible that Business Insider article is Huge playing us:

PS (28th May) @PresidentCheese now has 297 followers…

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  1. Shades of Jessica Hynes’s monstrous Siobhan (in Twenty-Twelve and W1A: and yes, all too many of them are exactly like that).

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