The last day of 2013

WordPress’s spectacular New Year present: the fireworks of 2013, an animated annual report of each blogpost represented as a firework, with the splash it made represented by the number and duration of stars. They did this last year, too.

This year I published 72 blogposts – that would average out to five a month, which would be not bad if I’d been that regular, but I wasn’t. (Resolutions for 2014 include planning to blog daily again, with a generic exemption for July for reasons that will become clear later.)

The blogposts that got most hits in 2013:

Last year I noted that I had two outlier posts that had got the most hits of the year simply because they’d been tweeted by Graham Linehan, who has a quarter-million followers. Those two posts are still in my top six of all time – but the other four posts in that short list (all of them with 6000+ hits) are:

  • Iain Duncan Smith: the quiet man with so much to be quiet about
  • Michael Gove: Flipper
  • Maldives are rubbish
  • Reeva Steenkamp is dead

My guess is that until IDS and Gove leave office, those two posts of mine are going to keep getting hits – they do, every time either minister says something particularly wicked or stupid.

If I were only going to count a top ten of posts blogged in 2013, the list would be:

I didn’t blog at all in May. I’m not sure why.

For the other months:

EdinburghEye stats

A handful of other posts I’m particularly pleased with:

As of 31st December, I have 2068 followers on Twitter. Can’t remember how many I had this time last year. Hello to you all.

Now I’m off to see The Desolation of Smaug, which struck me as being a most appropriate film to summarise 2013.

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