How Not To Apologise

If you have a massive and very public Internet meltdown on your business Twitter account, right in the middle of all your potential customers, this is not how to apologise for it:

The mobile device which controls all SECRET PLUMBER accounts had been lost on Friday evening. The twitter account was hacked on Saturday. I apologise for all offensive tweets, it was not “the secret plumber”

Secret Plumber Facebook

Especially not when the direct cause has nothing to with a stolen mobile phone: it involves a company van. Which the Secret Plumber does not claim was stolen.

Secret Plumber Nicola

But according to our Secret Plumber, this rebuttal was sent from a stolen mobile device. Oh wait, not a stolen device, a hacked device.

Secret Plumber fannies

Which means, one may presume, that Nicola will be getting a proper apology from the Secret Plumber for the poor driving of company van SL6 2FKG?

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