Say no to the Daily Express. Say no to racism.

At 4:44pm today, the Daily_Express twitter account posted this:

Daily Express Racist Tweet

This was originally posted as a Promoted Tweet, for which the Daily Express were paying:

You’ll only be charged when people follow your Promoted Account or retweet, reply, favorite or click on your Promoted Tweets. You’ll never be charged for your organic activity on Twitter.

Set your own daily budget for each campaign. We’ll automatically stop showing your ads once your budget has been met, and you’ll never be charged more than what you want to spend. When you’re done, you’re done.

Allocate more of your budget to Promoted Accounts to build your follower base. Use more of it in Promoted Tweets to get the word out about a special offer, new product or event.

Our pricing system is based on bidding—you set the maximum amount you’re willing to spend per follow or click. You may pay up to this amount but it will likely be less because you’ll never pay more than one cent above a competitive bid. To make it extra easy, we’ll give you suggestions for what you should bid to optimize your campaign.

Most of the responses on Twitter were negative:

@RachelvsPublic replied: “I heard you have to pay for each reply you get from a promoted tweet” and went on:

Though there was one responder who’d clearly picked up the Daily Express / UKIP message:

The UK is not overcrowded. We do have a housing problem. The solution to that is not to ban immigration but to build more council houses – build council houses where there are jobs. Repossess brownfield sites left standing empty for years or decades by corporate owners and build council houses. Ban mortgage securitisation and tax-dodging on your mortgage.

By the time I noticed it, the Daily Express’s daily budget for their Promoted Tweet had run out.

So I reported it to Twitter as an abusive tweet: racist, offensive harassment. You can too.

Daily Express racist tweet


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One response to “Say no to the Daily Express. Say no to racism.

  1. trabasack

    Reported as racist tweet. Thanks for that, didn’t know I could do that.

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