The last day of the year

WordPress have done a spectacular New Year present: the fireworks of 2012, an animated annual report of each blogpost represented as a firework, with the splash it made represented by the number and duration of stars.

It’s not rocket science (this is rocket science) but yes, I did watch my entire year in blogging through fireworks… I hope they do this again next year.

On this day last year, I resolved that I was going to write a blogpost every day of 2012, and though I didn’t quite blog every day of the year, I did write (well over) 366 blog posts.

The top ten fireworks for 2012 were:

I’m including these two posts as separate counts

both of which got more hits than any other post on my blog, because the main reason they did was that Graham Linehan read and retweeted them and then a small proportion of @Glinner’s quarter-million followers stopped by for a visit.

The top fireworks for the four months that didn’t get into the top ten:

Three things I would wish otherwise:

  • I wish I hadn’t spent July blogging about my ideas about a constitution for Scotland. At the time it seemed worthwhile, and now, on the whole, it doesn’t. There are various reasons for this, but they just add up to “Meh”.
  • I wish I’d done more photo blogs! I meant to: I hope to do more next year.
  • I wish Julian Assange had just gone to Sweden, and not provided us all with so much blogging fuel. He’s probably the single individual who is not a government minister that I’ve blogged most about, and yet he got blogworthy primarily by shutting himself up in Knightsbridge.

And ten blog posts I’m really pleased with that won’t show up on any other top ten lists:

  • February: Why I know workfare doesn’t work
  • A blog post I wrote in March when I realised that – for reasons incomprehensible to me – Nick Clegg was doing his utmost to ensure public LibDem support both in Parliament and at the 2012 conference for the one bill he could have refused to let his MPs support because it was no part of the coalition agreement, was against the LibDem manifesto, and was terribly unpopular besides: Nick Clegg: Heel Face Turn
  • An April blog post about Richard Benyon, MP for Newbury, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Ragwort for Richard
  • A science-orientated blog post about how human metabolism works with regard to calories, nutrition, and dieting: written at a white heat of anger at a journalist who’d made snarky remarks about fat British tourists at the airport. Why are we fat?
  • A July blogpost about how a wealthy entrepreneur who makes millions out of care homes was regarded as a more inspiring story for the Olympic torch relay than a 15-year-old wheelchair athlete with brittle bones
  • An August blogpost about love, fried chicken, incest, the Benedictine order, Saint Aelred, marriage, and the Bishop of Aberdeen. Not necessarily in that order. For the love of Christ, let me give you a hug
  • A September blogpost about how toy companies provide gendered words for girls and boys to learn how to make different sentences: Magnetic Girls Talk
  • Two blogposts in October and December about the Tory plans to push all benefits claimants on to the Azure card: For everything else, there’s Mastercard and Alec Shelbrooke & Northern Island
  • A November blogpost about how prisoners should have the vote and how I thought it should be managed. Because they’re going to ask me, obviously.

Happy new year!

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