Gandalf for the Firth

This is a bit of a story, so have patience.

Kreetch is a fan of The Hobbit: as am I. Due to her shift-patterns, it was impossible for us to go any earlier that Sunday 23rd December, so I booked two seats in the Dominion Cinema, Gold 1 (because she’s worth it) for the 3.20pm showing.

The Dominion is described as “Edinburgh’s most unique and luxurious cinema”. Gold 1 isn’t quite as snazzy as Gold 4, but you get utterly comfy seats in a gorgeous building in Newbattle Terrace that’ll remind you of what cinemas used to be like before they went multiscreen and boxy. (Facebook has some photos.)

And then Crap Happened, as it does, and Kreetch can’t make it through to Edinburgh for Sunday afternoon after all, and I am Sad. (But not quite Sad enough to miss going to see The Hobbit on Sunday when her work shifts over the next week or so might well mean she misses it in the cinema entirely before it goes offscreen.)

(Here, by the way, is Ian McKellen talking about playing Gandalf in The Hobbit and his new thing Vicious (working title “Vicious Old Queens: McKellen, deadpan: “Well, I’m not old. I can do the other two”) with Andrew Marr.

Some people are gay. Get over it!

Two friends of mine, Nathan and James, are doing the Loony Dook on New Year’s Day to raise money for the Equality Network and the equal marriage campaign. Upwards of a thousand people will gather in South Queensferry High Street, lead a procession towards the sea, which may or may not be actually freezing – and then walk in. To the sea. On the first of January. When it may or may not be actually snowing.

Loony Dook 2012: piratesWhat a festive idea! you might say, which is true, or Are they mad? you might also say, in which case, look at the name. People do the Loony Dook for all sorts of reasons for the past quarter-century – it raises money for the RNLI, you can also get yourself sponsored to fundraise for other things too, it’s a chance to dress up like pirates and go swimming in January, and most of all – I think – you get to show off how crazy hard you are.

Loony Dook 2012 Loony Dook 2012

How hard is that? Well hard.

Nathan writes on his JustGiving page Nathan and James do the Dook

“I’m swimming in the Firth for Equality Network because they’re worth freezing for.”

And to recap: I have a spare ticket for The Hobbit, Sunday afternoon (Sunday 23rd December) 3.20pm.

It’s yours, if you donate at least £10 to Nathan and James do the Dook, and let me know you have.

This offer closes 10am Sunday morning or whenever someone makes a convincing donation and leaves me a valid email address with which I can arrange to meet up and give you the ticket. (Donate, leave your name/donation amount in a comment here with a valid email in the email field: I’ll check the donation and get back to you with arrangements.)

1. Donate to help the Equality Network fight for equal marriage.
2. Get to see Ian McKellen (and Martin Freeman and Ian Holm and Hugo Weaving and Cate Blanchett and Christopher Lee and Andy Serkis and Sylvester McCoy and omg, Barry Humphries is the Great Goblin, and Benedict Cumberbatch as the Necromancer….) for 170 minutes in the comfiest cinema in Edinburgh.
3. Equal marriage!
4. WIN.

Gandalf in The Hobbit

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