Matron of honour, Cristina Odone

Cristina Odone’s week: how many ways can you be smugly disapproving about religion, marriage, and gays being religious and wanting to be married if you try with both hands?

Cristina Odone on Monday, how appalling it would be if gay people thought they could be married just like us!:

I resent the way Cameron is ready to bulldoze over Tory and religious objections on this issue. It’s clear from his arrogant stance that the PM believes soon, even this bunch of hypocrites will embrace the Gospel according to Dave. They – Tories who live out in the sticks and not in fashionable metropolitan areas; people of faith who hold onto their traditional religious values – will experience a Damascene conversion to the PM’s way.

That’s Monday, with a side-order of I love my gay friends but they shouldn’t want to be my equals. (Why do homophobic bigots always claim to have gay “friends”?)

Cristina Odone and Richard DawkinsCristina Odone on Tuesday, Christianity is great! not liberal at all!:

But I can’t help think – we’re not doing so badly after all. That, after a decade of Dawkinism, paedophile scandals and metropolitan secularism, the majority (59 per cent) of Britons should still cling to their faith strikes me as nothing short of miraculous. And that’s before the backlash to the atheists – it’s bound to happen – properly gets off the ground. If, after all the vicious kicks they’ve suffered from the liberal establishment, and their none-too-inspiring leadership, the Christian Churches in this country are still in existence, we who care about faith should celebrate.

Cristina Odone is a Christian. Christians aren’t liberal. Christians get kicked by liberals, and Christian leadership is none-too-inspiring. Muslims are all right, though. That’s Tuesday.

Cristina Odone on Wednesday, in praise of marriage:

Marriage is difficult and challenges the one value that our establishment holds dearest of all: individualism. Everyone repeats the mantra that we must be free to be ourselves, stand on our own two feet, and indulge ourselves because “you’re worth it”. Me myself and I are the supreme trinity in our culture.

No wonder marriage, with its emphasis on inter-dependence rather than independence, and its prizing of communal goals rather than individual ambitions, runs against the grain.

Cristina Odone is married. Yes. It’s very important, marriage is. Being married is good. More people should try it. That’s Wednesday.

Cristina Odone on Thursday, praising Baroness Warsi for having the same ignorant knee-jerk reaction to lifting the ban on same-sex marriage as Odone herself:

Writing to Maria Miller, the Catholic Culture Secretary who supports gay marriage, Baroness Warsi warned that the hurriedly drafted legislation would lead to a host of “unintended consequences”. She raised a number of concerns, including what consideration has been given to the teaching of equal marriage in both faith and non-faith schools; and what legal protection can churches and other places of worship afford from challenges if they refuse to undertake same sex marriages.

Same-sex couples getting married is bad! Very bad! Especially if they’re religious and want to get married in church or in a mosque! Especially if they feel strongly enough about wanting a religious ceremony to go to court for their right to have one! Going to the ECHR is bad! Only wicked people do that! That’s Thursday.

Cristina Odone on Friday, respectable nice gay people who don’t want to get married are all right but don’t try to be too visible:

I’m not sure how the panel proposed this would happen: would they introduce a quota on gay actors? But what about those actors who don’t want to disclose such personal data? Or would they insist on a quota for gay themes per episode? But how would that work with the news? if there was no homophobic incident or gay pride march, would they try to manufacture some gay-related news item?

With a side-order of fright that children might watch TV programmes in which same-sex couples were treated as normal. Perhaps even married.

Today Cristina Odone, having carefully set up an us-versus-them theme through the week (us: the godly, heterosexual, married folk – them: the atheistic, homosexual, want-to-spoil-marriage gays) then has the face to argue:

The Corporation’s advisers obviously want some bold, brash, in your face campaign, like Stonewall’s bus ads (“Some People are Gay. Get Over It”). But that us versus them mentality does nothing but fan homophobia. Gays are their own best ambassadors.

Shame the same couldn’t be said of Christians like Odone…

Cristina Odone claims to have gay friends, and to “love” them – whatever that means to her, while she opposes legal equality for LGBT people – but to be rigidly against any idea that same-sex couples could be married.

She claims, like many opponents of same-sex marriage, to have supported civil partnerships. I doubt if she could produce anything published from 2005 or earlier in which she openly said civil partnerships were a great idea.

One thing is sure: once the ban on same-sex marriage is lifted, the media will be full of gay wedding stories. If one of the gay men Cristina Odone knows asked her to be matron of honour at his wedding, do you think she’d hesitate for more than thirty seconds before jumping on it like an elderly vulture who hasn’t seen a good corpse in weeks? Do you suppose she could ever again write about how she hates gay marriage when she’s been seen in a purple hat clutching a bouquet at a big flashy gay wedding?

Guys, whoever you are: I know you know Cristina Odone isn’t really your friend, and you probably feel a sense of resigned disgust that she thinks she is. But there is no faster way of shutting her up about gay marriage if you invite her to be matron of honour at yours. Take one for the team.

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