Glenfiddich and Sugar

…if Donald Trump hates them, they can’t be all bad!

Wind turbines Scotland

And by “the people”, Donald Trump means himself.

This is actually true. Mark Burnett talking about the process of editing The Apprentice: he is the creator and executive producer, Donald Trump is just the star performer, with – evidently – star attitude that it’s somehow “his” show.

Ooh. Does Donald Trump fancy Alan Sugar, then?

Aw… rejected!

Oh wait:

…And Donald’s still drinking it:

We just don’t like you, Donald.

(I didn’t include all the tweets from Ego Trump, Ego Sugar, and Mini-Me Morgan. Alex Hern did though: Donald Trump v Alan Sugar: whoever wins, we lose storify.)


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16 responses to “Glenfiddich and Sugar

  1. I have somehow managed to miss all of this utterly classic Twitter bitchfight. Thank you. @caitlinmoran has it right.

    After the Glenfiddich spat I linked to a list of Wm Grants brands you should probably support if Trump doesn’t like them, which may be of interest.

    • Oh, yes. “You’d be nothing without The Apprentice”, says The Donald? I owned an Amstrad CPC twenty years before reality television existed. Sugar might have his flaws, but once upon a time he was a damn good businessman; Trump has only ever been scum.

      • *nods* Watched half of one episode of “The Apprentice” once, concluded I couldn’t stand Alan Sugar, but by comparison with Donald Trump … well, low bar but even Siralan looks good next to the Donald.

    • It’s one of those Twitter moments you can’t believe happened til it does. Still slightly regretting I didn’t grab the Donald’s calls for a revolution after Obama won.

  2. Does Donald think that Success is measured by fame? Also doesn’t he think that if someone is making him money he should be keeping him sweet?

    • Well, Donald Trump just lied about The Apprentice. It’s not “his show”: it’s NBC’s/Mark Burnett’s. He’s the star performer: I just added a link to a video where it’s clear that though Trump is the star, he has no editorial control. I have no idea if the British edition of The Apprentice is actually “making Trump money”: but I see no reason to believe him,

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  4. Francine

    Never thought I’d be forced to look upon Alan Sugar this favourably! But, then, I think if Kim Jong Un was having a bitch-fest with Trump I’d have a sudden surge of love towards North Korea…

  5. My tweet about this got retweeted by Graham Lineham. now has 4000-odd clicks.

    I hope this gets you some well-deserved readers!

    • I saw! And then got picked up by Lauren Laverne! Thank you – my post currently has 9,759 views, so, um… I probably owe you cake!

      • I can’t eat cake (having a body that doesn’t like gluten _or_ sugar is No Fun), but the thought is appreciated. Glad I can point people in your direction occasionally – you have an excellent blog.

  6. CS

    This isn’t real.

  7. Reblogged this on ArtMinx and commented:
    You couldn’t make this up!!
    Thanks Edinburgh Eye for posting this (as I couldn’t see Sugar’s tweets at all)

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