Pear and blue cheese scones

As @LoveandGarbage wisely said:

Like many people during the referendum campaign when I am confronted by someone asking for my view on the great issue of the day I say, “It’s pronounced scone” and wander off in the opposite direction. However, it appears that this view is controversial with many campaigners arguing that I should not be in favour of “scone” but should prefer the pronunciation “scone” instead.

Pear and blue cheese scones

Ingredients: about 150g of soft blue cheese, about a cup of self-raising wholemeal flour, an egg, and a large brown Conference pear.

Quarter the pear and remove the core. (I didn’t peel it: in my general experience the peel of a soft ripe pear isn’t noticeable in baked goods.)

Work together the cheese and the flour to make soft crumbs.

Slice the pear quarters into small pieces, add to the cheese/flour crumbs. Pear and blue cheese scones with wine

Beat the egg into the pear/cheese/flour mix. If the scone mix isn’t wet enough, add a little more water or milk.

Bake in a hot oven till nicely browned. Probably about twenty minutes. Pronounced “scone”.

Eat with wine.

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