Art by food

If you ever wanted your lunch to look too good to eat, bento.

Bento box landscape and Starbucks green rice

This is how food becomes art, by Den Cretu:

Food Art Inspiration by Den Cretu

And this is art made of food, by Carl Warner. “This fishscape features rocks made of oyster shells and crab claws, boats made of marrows and asparagus, and a shining, silvery, slippery sea of fish.”

Carl Warner - fishscape

This may look like a giant gold fob watch, but actually, it’s a cake.

Captured in Time By: Lourdesgel

Some people make tapestry bags as birthday presents. Some people make cakes. Some people compromise and do both.

 Tapestry Purse Cake

Some people make cakes that just look too good to eat, like this rainbow-winged unicorn (which apparently Americans call a “pegacorn”) from Art2Eat Cakes via:

Rainbow pegasus / unicorn

Sometimes what you need, though, is unicorn doughnuts.

Cakespy: Unicorn Doughnuts

And this is a cake.

Threadless, vanilla cake, by Elizabeth Marek

The original design is a t-shirt print called Hooded at Threadless. Seriously.

Elizabeth Marek created this sculpted head of a woman out of vanilla cake and fondant icing and melted sugar flowers. It was the winning entry in a competition called Threadcakes, and you can even watch how she did it in a slideshow.

This may look like a stack of pancakes with syrup, but actually, it’s a cake.

Sunday Morning Pancakes By: kello

The TARDIS by cake This may look like a police box surrounded by jelly-babies, but actually, it’s a TARDIS.

Someone carelessly got his long rainbow scarf shut in the door.

It’s by The Quirky Confectioner, via Geoff Shakespeare, via Jack Kieffer. Yes, it’s chocolate cake. What other kind of cake would the TARDIS be?

(The how-to video I found is using a vanilla sponge. Different baker, though.)

Visit a dining table shaped like the world, for a global feast.

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, admire Helm’s Deep and The Battle of Pelennor Fields and Minas Tirith, and the Mines of Moria – made out of sweeties.

These are awesome creations, made by a group of friends over several holiday weekends, published on MissedManners by Dave. Before you make the obvious remark, here’s Dave’s rebuttal:

I figured I’d remark on the most common comment from last year: “You guys have way too much time on your hands.” Not really, but we certainly found the time. All told this year’s project took about seven days of off and on work. I guess we’re just better at turning off the TV than most. Oh, and also, if you’re not using your free time to do stuff like this, what the hell else are you doing with it?

Most recently Smaug the Magnificent with Lake-Town and the Battle of Five Armies:

If you haven’t noticed, he’s pissed. Beneath that leathery fruit roll-up skin and several pounds of licorice rope muscle is beating a heart that’s only demand is vengeance. As he soars above the masterfully constructed mountain that houses his lair you can almost see the rage in his jellybean eyes. It’s palpable. Like a Spike Lee movie.

Also in this shot you can see that over the many years that Smaug has lain on top of his treasure he has armored his soft underbelly against attack with the sweetest Jelly Belly brand gems and jewels. He’s kind of like one of those weird kids that pierces odd parts of their bodies. Smaug’s an emo dragon.

From Tolkien to Rubix: this is a sandwich. Solve it or eat it: the choice is yours.

The Rubix Cubewich

And finally, because we could do with hot chocolate in this weather: hot chocolate cupcakes by Anna Trivedi.

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

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