Nick Griffin’s account has been UNsuspended by Twitter

So while an ordinary pleb goes to jail for bigoted abuse, a Member of the European Parliament does not? (Updated, 19th October)

Griffin’s Twitter feed is unsuspended, and as one might expect, he’s celebrating with a tirade of homophobic abuse.

Nick Griffin's rapidly unsuspended Twitter feed

Apparently if you’re an elected representative – MP Andrew Mitchell, MEP Nick Griffin – the rules aren’t the same for you as they are for plebs like us.

“We’ve been told that Nick Griffin is threatening to come to our house and hand out leaflets outside,” Mr Black added.

“But, we live in a village where it wouldn’t be easy for him or many people to come and gather. There’s nowhere to park for a start and very few people walk past apart from school children. If anything happens it would be a damp squib.”

Posted 18th October

The very Christian Family Research Council says:

That abandonment of principle is leading to a decline in membership, especially among the more liberal denominations. As more churches move away from biblical authority, their attendance suffers. Just ask the Episcopal Church, whose pews are virtually empty after the decision to endorse homosexuality. It’s time to push back on the spin that’s feeding our weak brethren who say that compromising truth in pursuit of love is the way to reach the lost. Intuitively, people want to anchor their lives to something meaningful — something that demands the sacrifice and discipline of “taking up your cross.” When a denomination abandons the truth and waters everything down to love, it reduces the church to another hour of Dr. Phil — which is something Americans can get without ever leaving home.

In March 2010 Susanne Wilkinson, acting out (she assures us) her Christian values, decided that a respectable couple holidaying in the UK (Michael Black is 64, and John Morgan is 59) could not have a double room in the Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, Berkshire – though they had made a reservation and paid a deposit – because they are a gay couple, and Wilkinson is of the opinion that Jesus doesn’t like that sort of thing and doesn’t approve of showing hospitality to those sort of people.

Giving evidence to the court previously, Mrs Wilkinson claimed she had been acting in accordance with her religion, and her belief that homosexual relations – as opposed to orientation – are “sinful”.

She insisted she had also turned away several unmarried heterosexual couples who appeared to want the room during the day for sex.

“As a Christian I have tried to live my life and carry out my work in accordance with my deeply held Christian beliefs and to permit same sex couples to share a double room in my home would be an act against my core religious beliefs and conscience,” she told the court.

Quite. Hospitality and kindness to strangers is no part of the Christian religion, everyone knows that.

Susanne Wilkinson has Nick Griffin MEP on her side, and what remains of the BNP. Earlier today, Griffin posted on his twitter feed:

If anyone can give us address of the 2 bullying ‘gay’ activists who’ve won case v Christian B&B owners, we’ll hold demo . .

.for rights of all home owners, gays included, to rent or not rent rooms to whomsoever they wish.

So Messrs Black & Morgan, at [address]. A British Justice team will come up to Huntington & give you a . .

. .bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple’s home is their castle. Say No to heterophobia!

So I reported Griffin to Dyfed Powys and Cambridgeshire police forces. No doubt others did too. Nick Griffin’s twitter feed is suspended.

Nick Griffin - account suspended

Apparently the BNP’s press officer didn’t know that until ITV News asked him.

If Liam Stacey gets 56 days in jail for offensively-racist tweets, will Nick Griffin do jail time for what appears to have been a serious intention to harass this couple’s home (and them too if they were there)? Will the Christian Institute pay his legal costs as they did for the Wilkinsons’? Will former Archbishop Carey support Nick Griffin against such monstrous persecution?

Susanne Wilkinson said:

“Naturally, my husband and I are disappointed to have lost the case and to have been ordered to pay £3,600 in damages for injury to feelings. We have the option to appeal, and we will give that serious consideration. We believe a person should be free to act upon their sincere beliefs about marriage under their own roof without living in fear of the law. Equality laws have gone too far when they start to intrude into a family home.”

If you run a B&B from your family home and Nick Griffin were able to support his views, Mrs Wikinson, you wouldn’t have a thing to worry about: Griffin thinks you should be able to keep out anyone he doesn’t like. With allies like him and the Christian Institute, you know you’re on the right side, don’t you, Mrs Wilkinson?

BNP chickens outside KFC

Zinnia Jones

According to a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, 69 percent of Millennials believe “religious groups are alienating young people by being too judgmental about gay and lesbian issues”. In other words, people aren’t leaving because their churches are too tolerant of homosexuality. They’re leaving because their churches are too intolerant of homosexuality. The FRC is operating outside of reality, in a world that exists only in their fevered imagination.

Fusina, commenting at Slacktivist, in response to the FRC:

1 John 4:7-8

Beloved, let us love one another, For love is of God, and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He that does not love does not know God, For God is Love.

One of my absofavorite verses. So bring on the Dr. Phil churches, I’m in.


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3 responses to “Nick Griffin’s account has been UNsuspended by Twitter

  1. Couldn’t have happened to anyone more worthy of a suspension!

  2. The Christian Institute has denounced Nick Griffin’s tweet and distanced itself from him:

    While Griffin may support them, they don’t support him.

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