Tell @BBCQuestionTime who @BBCExtraGuest should be

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Easterhouse in Glasgow. Panellists include:

And then there’s the new BBC Extra Guest. Last time was Toby Young, and very dull he was. Who should be the Extra Guest this time?

Update, 17th October: Well, who knows who the BBC will actually choose, but the winner according to this Twitterpoll is Ruth Wishart:

journalist, broadcaster and commentator with a prominent place in Scottish public and cultural life. She has a great talent for facilitating debate and action in the field of ethics, the arts and in social policy and has served as a trustee or board member for many arts organizations. Ruth went almost straight into journalism after leaving school, and has learned her trade through the constant discipline of writing for deadlines ever since.

I suggested five options. Click on the date for your choice and RT, or propose your own.

Patrick Harvie MSPScottish Greens@PatrickHarvie (20 RTs)

Kate HigginsA Burdz Eye View@BurdzEyeView (1 RT – 😦 – sorry Kate)

Lesley RiddochAnother Side@LesleyRiddoch (2 RTs)

Andy WightmanLand Matters@AndyWightman (12 RTs)

Ruth WishartHerstory@Ruth_Wishart (22 RTs)

Update, 18th October

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