David Cameron: We run this country for ourselves

Someone has helpfully leaked to all the papers what David Cameron will say later today:

“Unless we act, unless we take difficult, painful decisions, unless we show determination and imagination, Britain may not be in the future what it has been in the past.

“The truth is this, we are in a global race today and that means an hour of reckoning for countries like ours. Sink or swim, do or decline.”

David Cameron: The Conservatives. We run this country for ourselves.

The UK is still one of the world’s biggest economies. This may not last, but if it doesn’t, one of the key causes will be that at a crucial time, we had a Chancellor with a foggy understanding of how economies work and an ideological focus that would shame most modern Communists.

The Conservatives’ determined assault on the economy – throwing hundreds of thousands of people out of work, planning cuts in benefits that many people will not survive (and thousands of people have already died of) – has been good for the rich: not so for the rest of us.

I’ve no doubt that the party faithful will greet this line with a round of applause:

“It’s not enough to know our ideas are right. We’ve got to explain why they are compassionate too.”

The Conservatives. Living in an upside down world.

The Conservatives. Living in an upside-down world.

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