Things That Look Like Other Things

This blogpost is dedicated to The Cake Girl, just because.

The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 30th September this year: Pat’s Chung Ying on Leith Walk is selling gorgeous boxes of mooncakes. (I didn’t check to see if they also sell the ingredients, but if they do, here’s how to make your own.) There are multiple variations on the basic mooncake, the general theme being a cake to be divided and shared among family while viewing the full moon of autumn. But look: this is an actual thing. Mooncakes that look like mobile phones (via):

Nokia mooncakes that look like mobile phones

Well, those are obviously manufactured. (Nokia seems to have been giving them away in traditional boxes of four to represent the four phases of the moon, but I don’t know what kind of reception they had.) What of this rather disturbing dinner portrait?

A disturbing dinner guest

Could you bring yourself to eat breakfast when it looks this cute?

Teddy breakfast

Lego is awesome. Cakes are nice. Cakes that are apparently made of Lego are awesomely nice.

Lego cake - Under Construction

I think that’s indisputable, don’t you?

Then there’s the genuinely practical side of things. Soup bowls made out of bread.

Apple pie made out of roses.

Apple Pie of Roses

An espresso cup made of biscotti, lined with hard sugar to keep the hot liquid inside the cup (drink it quick before it melts) and sweeten the espresso (drink fast if you prefer it less sweet). Afterwards, you eat the biscotti. Made by Lavazza.

Lavazza espresso cup made of cookie

Dragon made out of chocolate. Everyone needs a dragon. Fax it.

Chocolate Dragon and Heather

Houses made out of gingerbread.

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread baba yaga house

Gingerbread houses with white picket fences

Garden made out of cake.

garden cake - Portland Mercury

But a mobile phone sandwich? That’s just silly.

Mobile phone sandwich

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