Blue Sky at Leith

Today’s the last day to go see the blue sky project dreamed up for Leith Walk, on display at Out of the Blue in Dalmeny Street – till 5pm today.

There’s more about the background to the project in Monday’s post, but I was really interested by their ideas. You should go look! (And come to the Open Space event on 5th June.)

They noted:

We identified 4 areas of undoubted potential:

  • The Kirkgate – to reinstate and regenerate this route to extend The Walk to The Shore.
  • The Old Goods Railway – to transform an overhead route into biodiverse parkland, pedestrian, and cycling space.
  • Behind the Walk – A new walking route to Edinburgh from Manderston Street to Brunswick.
  • The Tram Depot – Civic and Business regeneration.

Within these areas, we propose a series of building propositions, that include the regeneration of existing housing, gallery spaces, and covered markets. They are intended to build on the existing social and economic infrastructures of the area.

One of the suggestions is to turn that grey space of social work and shed into a civic centre:

The Leith Walk Tram Shed site, currently houses two structures. A small office of the department of social work, and behind this is a massive shed which was supposed to be used asa shed for the construction material of the tram works proposed at Leith. However, now the Tramworks have been stalled at Leith Walk, and the shed is just hoarding materials which are being vacated slowly. The built structures in the site are currently in a dilapidated state, undermaintained and under-used.

The Tram Shed Depot turned into a civic centre

Another is to create a kind of green overhead walkway that would link Pilrig Park with Leith Links.

Leith Links to Pilrig Park

I didn’t see any consideration of how affordable a project like this would be, but the idea made me smile. A lot.

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